Build and ship software faster

We make it easier and efficient for you to ship code and scale faster. It's as simple as: assigning Murcul a ticket, reviewing submitted pull request, and merging code into production. With Murcul, you can finally keep your quality and code in-house, without ever having to hire or fire again.

The Remote Dev That Scales

Murcul integrates seamlessly with your in-house tech team. We deliver quality code through our self-managed and automated dev engine. Increase dev productivity, engineering efficiency and shipping velocity by 2-5x starting now.

Technologies we support include JavaScript based codebases. Support for more languages and frameworks is coming soon...


Self-Managed Development Engine

Murcul directly reduces your management complexity. Manging a team of developers is a time consuming activity. A bad hiring decision can also be very, very costly. Reduce your daily time spent in hiring and managing developers through our automated dev engine.

Continuous Delivery Model

Murcul is powered by a crowd sourced development engine that works around-the-clock, and submits pull requests in an on-demand style. A fully distributed, global team of expert developers work together to produce super-fast code and ensures quick iterations, even across holidays and weekends. Companies are taking advantage of this to do faster product iteration.

QA + Development + Maintenance in a Single Engine

Murcul is a platform driven approach to development and therefore, heavily optimized for throughput. Once you sign up, you can choose to assign Murcul coding intensive tasks, code refactoring, running unit testing. Murcul covers the entire application lifecycle from development to testing to maintenance. Use our automated QA engine and stop wasting time nitpicking bugs!

Transparent and Adaptive Pricing

Murcul credits gives you granular visibility into where money is actively being spent on. As the workload and need for manpower capacity increases, more credits can be bought and consumed in real time. Credits allow you to break the outdated model of paying fixed monthly salaries to nine-five engineers and instead pay only for merged code which is pushed to production. Is not this beautiful?          

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Seamless integration with popular dev tools

Working with Murcul is very simple and straightforward. Add it as a team member to your slack workspace and engage in conversations. Murcul responds to most messages within minutes and is almost always seen to be online. Assign tasks and monitor completion through your pre-configured ticketing systems such as Jira or Trello or Asana. Receive pull requests on github or bitbucket and review them using the 'kitchen sink.'

The Murcul Engineering Process


In-depth look at the product spec

Detailed Tech Spec up for review

Scoping the requirements


Series of PRs marked for review

Internal auto review system

Detailed code review according to Tech Spec

Extensive Unit + Integration tests


Initial Release under a feature flag

Manual QA / Product feedback

Kickstart Analytics tracking

User Feedback


Bug fixing

Code refactoring

Code maintenance

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Customer Love

At Rebels, we are building a mobile app which is a social marketplace for university students. We were low on capacity and needed to ship the app with only a couple of weeks left. With Murcul, onboarding and interaction is seamless, code quality is excellent and code produced is generally bug free. They have helped our tech team enormously with QA and bug fixing as well. Our app is much more robust and we are shipping code faster than we normally would. We really enjoy working with Murcul. Top company!

Simon Hofer
CEO, Rebel

- At Aromeo, we are building an app that works as a smart diffuser in spas and hotels to diffuse customised aromas and improve the staying experience at these properties. Murcul has helped us enormously in our entire software development lifecycle by producing a mobile app in react with a node based backend. Our engineering team is relatively small and instead of hiring more devs, we decided to go with Murcul. Safe to say, our investment has paid off and we look forward to an even deeper collaboration.

Michelle FNO
CEO, Aromeo

Codigo is building an education portal for students and institutions which will faciliate greater depth of sharing and connectivity within college campuses. Companies will also be using codigo to source background information and credibility of college applications. With many complex features to build in a short timelines, we chose Murcul due to their expertise in React and Redux and their solid engineering process. So far, the code quality has been good and we look forward to the future.

Shawaz Sharif
CEO, Codigoworld

Murcul has consistently delivered high quality code on a timely manner, even under our tight timeline and constantly changing requirements. They are both competent engineers and good communicators, which makes them a total breeze to manage and collaborate with. They have helped us immensely over a critical period of product development and growth. Would totally recommend to all companies who like to move fast!

Marco Au
CTO, Juven